TVS Acoustics specialises in offering a wide range of interior Fit Out solutions to meet the look and feel you require. Our acoustic products are found in schools, cinemas, cafes and commercial offices. We work with architects, consultants and contractors. Click here for all products.

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TVS Acoustics offers a wide and cost effective range of suspended ceiling solutions. Our TVS Cleancare vinyl tiles have been extremely popular with both retailers and distribution partners. This has prompted us to expand the range further, enabling us to provide a complete range covering all types of materials and acoustic solutions. Click here for all products.

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ceiling grid system


cleansound ceiling tiles for offices and public spaces

Perforated Gypsum Products

TVS is a national supplier and installer of acoustic floors to cinemas, bowling alleys, theatres, health clubs and gyms. TVS Acoustics work closely with architects, installers, engineers, construction companies and facility managers in order to provide the very best acoustics products. Click here for more information.


New buildings, located on plots of land that are subject to vibrations are being constructed every day. Whether this vibration present in the ground is due to nearby railway lines, roads or industrial complexes, if it is not correctly addressed then problems can arise. These problems can manifest themselves as simply the vibration, or, more predominantly, in the form of re-radiated noise.


When impacts with high force peaks are exerted on materials or machines, loads occur that can cause irreversible damage. These negative effects are exhibited in a variety of areas, such as when operating machines or electronic devices and when transporting heavy and sensitive goods.