TVS Absorb Switch

tvs acoustic absorb switch

TVS ABSorb Switch are white painted fiber-glass acoustic baffles and rafts. The paints are high-pressure sprayed to the surface, with high adhesion and sealed edges. They are very effective against airborne dust absorption so that the products maintain a clean indoor environment.

TVS ABSorb Switch baffles and rafts offer a Class A absorption rating and are designed to be suspended vertically or horizontally from the soffit or they can be fixed directly to a surface.

They are ideal for use in commercial or education environments where Class A absorption is required or where an exposed concrete soffit is being used instead of suspended ceilings – such as offices, board rooms, classrooms, halls and atrium areas.

General Performance Data

Fire Resistance
TVS ABSorb Switch provide a Class 0 Surface Spread of Flame rating
(B2-s1,d0 – BS EN 13501-1).

TVS ABSorb Switch are fungi and stain resistant, do not contain any harmful substances and can be recycled.

Light Reflectance
TVS ABSorb Switch can achieve 0.90 which is regarded as a high light reflectance (according to ATSM E1477-98).

Thermal Conductivity
TR>0.4 (SQM.K/W).

With a special painted surface, TVS ABSorb Switch has a long life span and seldom absorb dust, they are cleanable with a damp sponge or cloth and light vacuuming.