Acoustic Flooring For Dance Studios

acoustic flooring for dance studios

Dance studios offer free reign for dancers to express themselves, but too much noise can distract and impact performances. One of the biggest noise sources is the studio floor, especially when hard shoes are worn.

The hard, reflective flooring in dance studios is usually made from hardwood, suitable for any dance style. It’s also common for it to be a sprung floor so that some degree of bounce and flex provides dancers with protection.

The trouble with sprung floors is they reverberate noise and don’t deaden impacts, which invariably leads to loud bangs, crashes and knocks.

The good news is you can significantly improve the acoustics of dance studio floors with a floating floor built with acoustic isolators.

Here are a few options for acoustic flooring for dance studios:

TVS RESi FF System

The TVS RESi FF System reduces impact and airborne sounds by isolating impacts, using isolators that operate at low frequencies. The system supports lightweight floors, including the hardwood floors loved by dance studios.

The floor thickness can range from 50mm to 500mm (we recommend 100mm minimum for dance studios) with air gaps over 150mm. The isolators significantly reduce vibration, and the floating floor isolates the studio floor from the building structure.

We can use these isolators in concrete and timber floating floors, making them suitable for all subfloors and dance studios at all levels.

TVS Raised Adjustable Acoustic Floor System

Another option is the TVS Raised Adjustable Acoustic Floor System, an adjustable floating floor that reduces airborne and impact sounds. It uses galvanised steel battens with a screw leg that you can adjust with a cordless drill.

Although this acoustic flooring system is less specialised to dance studios, it provides predictable performance.

Another option for floating floors is the TVS Resilient Batten, which reduces impact sound transmission between separating floors. It can be laid over timber and concrete floors and provides a minimum 70mm void for services.

The TVS Resilient Batten is also suitable for change-of-use and refurbishment projects if you have an existing sprung floor.

Don’t neglect your wall acoustics!

Upgrading to acoustic flooring can reduce noise in your dance studio by 20 Decibels or more, and further improvements are possible with wall panels. Acoustic wall panels will absorb sounds and stop them from bouncing around.

TVS offers a range of acoustic products for dance studios. Contact us for free, no-obligation advice on your project.