Acoustic Wall Solutions

Walls often require acoustic treatment to prevent the passage of sound from one internal room to another or between dwellings. When it comes to acoustic wall solutions, the TVS portfolio caters for all airborne and noise control requirements when specifying wall treatments. This includes both high performance isolation products and damping materials.

TVS ABSorb Panels

TVS ABSorb Panels provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to control reverberation time and increase the acoustic absorption of any space. Widely used in classrooms, recording studios, offices, cinemas, reception areas and atriums, these panels can provide up to class A absorption either as a complete wall covering or as a number of individually manufactured panels.

TVS ABSorb Panels feature a highly absorbent glass fibre core wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing, acoustically transparent fabric. The edges are reinforced to provide a perfect square edge. Class A acoustic absorption rating can be achieved with our 50mm or 40mm panel as standard.

Installation and Maintenance

A wide variety of installation methods are available depending upon the project requirements. For more information contact the TVS Technical Team who will also be able to advise on the correct maintenance procedure.

Features & Benefits

  • Class A absorption achieved in 50mm & 40mm thicknesses
  • Manufactured to size and shape required
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Complete range of fixing solutions to suit project
  • Choice of 80 colours available
  • TVS impaling clip and adhesive provide a quick and easy install


TVS Composition Fabric

Acoustic Wall Solutions - An acoustic and decorative wall fabric, TVS Composition Fabric is the simple choice for managing echo and creating a durable interior school acoustics solution. Available in a range of over 25 classic colours with hook-and-loop receptive surface, TVS Composition Fabric provides the freedom to create a unique look in any space.

Made from Vertiface® fabric laminated to an acoustic, needle-punched and thermally bonded 100% polyester backing, TVS Composition Fabric reduces the need for extensive wall preparation and painting.

Transform your walls into acoustic notice boards by taking advantage of TVS Composition Fabric’s pinnable and hook-and-loop receptive surface. Providing the perfect complement for secondary schools, primary schools, commercial offices, libraries and the hospitality industry.

Made from 100% polyester fibre; TVS Composition Fabric contains a minimum of 60% recycled content and is manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited Quality and Environmental Management Systems. It is also moisture resistant so that it won’t stain, rot or break down, making TVS Acoustic Fabric the safe, non-toxic, long-lasting and sustainable acoustic wall treatment.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Custom colour printing available
  • Limitless branding and design possibilities with in-house custom cutting
  • Also available in a range of 600mm x 600mm Peel ‘n’ Stick tiles for personal design freedom
  • UV stabilised and resistant to colour fade
  • Pin, staple and hook-and-loop receptive allowing TVS Acoustic Fabric to be utilised as a display board
  • Made from 100% polyester fibre without chemical binders and certified low VOC
  • Manufactured using a minimum of 60%recycled content
  • Highly durable providing long-term stability and performance
  • Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic
  • Made in New Zealand and Australia
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality and Environmental Management Systems
  • Does not contain any Red List chemicals

TVS Absorb Shape

Acoustic Wall Solutions - TVS ABSorb Shape is as much an acoustic product as it is a decorative statement to bring design and personality into any room. It’s assortment of colours and unique designs make it truly versatile with endless possibilities to add texture and character where needed. Say good bye to monotonous and transform your space with TVS ABSorb Shape.

The panels enhance any area visually and create an acoustically correct environment. The stylish and unique designs give an edge to any room and provide excellent acoustics where aesthetics are also an important factor. Choice of 80 colours available.

What is TVS ABSorb Shape?

TVS ABSorb Shape acoustic panels help to reduce echo and reverberation as well as create a unique aesthetic feature to any wall. Various shapes and colours allow the interior designer to create endless themes to create various configurations with a modern and contemporary appearance.

TVS ABSorb Shape acoustic panels offer unique and limitless design opportunities to any area. The panels are manufactured with rounded edges to give it a contemporary visual effect. TVS ABSorb Shape acoustic panels are extensively used in offices, restaurants, schools, receptions areas, waiting rooms etc. The various shapes can be mixed to create a feature along with combining different colours. We have assembled a few themes from which you can choose from or you can select each shape to create your own design. The design can be as individual as your space.

Acoustic and Technical Performance

TVS ABSorb Shape is manufactured from polyether foam and fabricated in a range of fabric colours. The polyether acoustic foam is cladded onto a backing board and then covered with fabrics from our standard fabric range. The panels are upholstered with a felted, milled finish with a colour palette consisting of melange mixes and plain shades, as well as subtle pastels.


Light dirt marks may be removed by using a proprietary carpet spot cleaner. A small area should be tested before doing the rest of the area to ensure that the fabric is not adversely affected.

Fire Ratings

Fabrics are Class 1 rating to BS476 Part 7. TVS ABSorb Shape polyether foam offers BS 5853: Part 2: 1982 – Ignition source 5 (Crib 5).


TVS ABSorb Shape tiles weigh approximately 25kg per m3.

TVS Absorb Photo

Acoustic Wall Solutions - TVS ABSorb Photo acoustic panels are sound absorbing panels with an upholstered image applied to the face. These can create a stunning effect to any room where there is a reverberation issue. The photo or art can change a standard absorption panel into a personal piece of artwork limited only by your imagination.

Designed with practicality in mind, these art deco inspired rafts will give you peace of mind while adding colour, texture and a design feature to any environment.

What is TVS ABSorb Raft?

TVS ABSorb Photo panels are a creative yet functional way to make your area unique. The photo is printed on to specially selected open weave fabric which allows the sound to pass through the fabric and into the sound absorbing panel.

TVS ABSorb Photo acoustic panels are extensively used in offices, restaurants, schools, community halls etc. They make a nice feature for boardrooms or restaurants where sound issues may only be realized at a later date. You are able to have a combination of small and large panels on the wall to create a feature. The panels are easy to install with our TVS Construction Mastic and impaling clip. TVS ABSorb Photo panels can also be used as hanging rafts from the ceilings with a suspension kit which is provided with the panels. The TVS ABSorb Photo can be manufactured to the size required to suit your requirement. We are able to manufacture a maximum panel size of 2700 x 1200mm.

We provide a library of images from which you are able to choose very high definition images. You are able to access the image library on Choose any image from this library and provide us the reference number and we will be able to print this on to the acoustic fabric. The photos consists of high resolution images which do not lose clarity when enlarged. You are also able to provide us with your own high resolution photos which then can be applied to the sound absorbing panel. A landscape image should be selected for a landscape panel and a portrait image for a portrait panel.

TVS ABSorb Raft acoustic rafts are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including custom shapes. The 25mm thick panels are fabricated in a range of fabric colours giving it a flawless finish. The fabric is bonded to the face and wrapped around all edges. Alternatively our rafts can be covered with your own unique high resolution images for a personal touch.

Acoustic and Technical Performance


Light dirt marks may be removed by using a proprietary carpet spot cleaner. A small area should be tested before doing the rest of the area to ensure that the fabric is not adversely affected.

Fire Ratings

TVS ABSorb Photo core board has been tested and offers Class O fire rating to BS476: Part 6. Fabric facing meets the requirements of Class B1 for building materials according to DIN 4102, part 1 (May 1998).


Our TVS ABSorb Photo panels weigh in at 3.5kg/m2 for the 25mm thickness panels. 40mm thickness panels weigh 4.5kg/m2. Note: All weights are given as approximations.

TVS RESi Clip and Channel

TVS RESi Clip is a high performing sound reduction system designed to completely isolate walls and ceilings.

Attaching the Isolation Clip to ceiling joists, timber and metal studs or masonry simply and easily secures the drywall-furring channel, and decouples the gypsum board from the non-isolated structure.

The resulting construction provides a resilient isolation solution for internal walls and ceilings.

Features & Benefits

  • Ceiling and Wall Solution
  • Low Profile (space saving system)
  • Attaches easily to Ceiling Joists, Wall Studs and Masonry
  • Significant improvement on the use of resilient channel alone (plus ensures the system is not short circuited during installation)
  • Offers a robust and higher performing alternative to traditional wall and ceiling isolation methods
  • Withstands greater loads than standard systems to provide peace of mind for developers and dwellers
  • • Weight capacity 30kg maximum per clip, see installation guidelines (other thicknesses of channel are available on request for higher wall and ceiling loads)

TVS hangers are shipped fully assembled and ready for installation in threaded rod suspension systems. For more technical information please download our brochure on this page.

TVS Resilient Wall Ties


Where it is required to structurally tie an isolated wall in to an un-isolated structure, there is a potential bridge in the box-in-box design. TVS Resilient Wall Ties overcome this problem by integrating a high performance Sylomer element in to the wall tie.

Available in a whole host of designs, depending upon the construction of the isolated and un-isolated structures that are being resiliently tied (stud work, masonry etc), these ties offer natural frequencies down to 8Hz providing optimal acoustic results. They have a fail-safe rugged metal structure and are recommended for applications where fire or impact resistance is necessary.

TVS Isolation Strips

TVS Partition Isolation Strips are designed to sit beneath all types of studwork and steel track partitions where flanking noise isolation is required. Available in various grades and thicknesses to ensure that the highest acoustic performance is always achieved.

Although from an acoustic perspective, constructing the walls off the floating slab would provide the best box-in-box solution, the additional complications that this would cause in terms of the design of the floated slab, the construction programme and the overall build-ability mean that the most common method of isolating the walls in a cinema is to build these off a resilient strip on the structural slab.

TVS Isolation Strips provide a low natural frequency solution that is easy to integrate in to the wall construction. Any fixings through this material should incorporate a resilient washer to prevent any short-circuiting of the isolation strip.

For more technical information about cinema acoustics please download our brochure on this page.

Features & Benefits

  • Offers long term performance without collapse or ‘bottoming out’ under high point loads
  • Common thicknesses 17-25mm, although other thicknesses are available depending upon performance required
  • Grades capable of withstanding loads up to and including 1.5N/mm2, with low frequency performance achieved
  • Resistance to ageing and deformation
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Minimises construction heights
  • High quality and exact material thickness guaranteed

TVS Resilient Washers


Elastic washers EW are used to decouple structure-borne noise bridges that arise from screw connections. The polyurethane material Sylodyn® effectively isolates vibrations and retains its material properties over its entire service life. As well as decoupling vibrations, the washers are also electrically non-conductive and resistant to common oils and greases.


As well as the simple design, the washers are also available with a centring aid (groove), to facilitate easier installation and to guarantee the exact positioning of the screw with the hole. The dimensions are adapted to screw sizes M8, M10, M12 and M16 and are available in different bearing thicknesses for different efficiencies of insulation.

Features & Benefits

  • Effective vibration isolation and vibration decoupling
  • Material properties remain constant over the long term
  • No brittleness (free from softeners)
  • Range for different screw sizes
  • Variants with centring aid
  • Flammability in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1
  • Surface protection
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Resistant to oils and greases
  • Thermally insulating

TVS Acoustics Absorb Foam

TVS Acoustics Absorb Foam is a flexible flame retardant open cell acoustic foam, with a controlled cell structure, offering excellent sound absorption properties. Impregnated polyether, foam, the material is very robust with good mechanical strength and maybe applied to curved surfaces or compressed to fit complex and awkward shapes..

This impregnated acoustic foam is compliant to building regulation standard BS476 Pts 6&7 with Class O and Class 1 ratings. The product is available with various films and surface treatments and may also be supplied laminated to isolation barriers, anti vibration sheet and plasitsol barriers. In addition high performance self-adhesives are available to satisfy the most demanding standards and specifications.


An effective sound absorber used in a wide variety of applications and industries such as automotive, marine, aerospace, hvac, air conditioning and OEM.

As a part of acoustic ceiling solutions, absorb foam is used effectively as ductwork lining, absorber panel infills, absorption linings and sound reduction panels in generators, boats, cars off road vehicles, process plant and electrical equipment.

More physical information about product and further installation instructions are available within Download Area.

TVS Acoustic Sports Impact Panels

Acoustic Wall Solutions - Acoustic Sports Impact Panel is an impact resistant Class A acoustic absorber for usage in sports halls, five-a-side pitches, gyms and event centres.

TVS ABSorb Sport Panels have undergone extensive impact testing to ensure their suitability for use within sports halls. As one of the only acoustic panels to be impact resistant to DIN 18032-3, their versatility allows them to be installed at low levels in areas where traditional acoustic panels would be susceptible to knocks and damage. Available in a variety of colours that can brighten and add interest to any space.


Features & Benefits

  • Impact resistant to DIN 18032-3
  • Class A absorber
  • Can be installed at low levels on walls
  • Manufactured to size and shape required
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Choice of 80 colours available
  • Specialist mounting kit available

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