Property in Mayfair

building vibration isolation

Building Isolation

8 Chesterfield Hill, Mayfair

Architect: Rodick Davidson
Structural Engineer: Sinclair Johnston
Acoustic Consultant: Hann Tucker

Project Information

TVS was Group was tasked with the isolation of a new luxury residential property in Mayfair from ground-borne noise and vibration from the nearby Jubilee line. A target re-radiated noise criterion of 30dB LAmax,(slow) within the lower ground floor (the worst affected area) meant that a fully floated raft foundation was required with a target natural frequency of 10Hz.

A combination of Sylodyn products in 50mm thickness across the base of the raft, and Sylomer materials in 37.5mm thickness up the basement walls, provided this high-performance solution, whilst bespoke treatments around service penetrations and at connections to adjacent buildings ensured that this was not compromised throughout the rest of the construction.

Close work with the design team throughout the planning and specification process provided a solution that integrated seamlessly with the structure and waterproofing detail, whilst detailed layout plans, on-site training and supervision resulted in an easily installed system.


Sylodyn High Performance PUR Elastomer
Sylomer High Performance PUR Elastomer
TVS Resilient Washer

Special Features

• 10Hz natural frequency solution
• Maintenance free
• Design life greater than that of the building
• Suitable for installation in a wet environment
• Low profile bearing solution with minimal static subsidence
• Minimal influence of creep

Completed: 2017