Property in St John’s Wood

building vibration isolation

Architect: Rodick Davidson 
Structural Eng.: Sinclair Johnston 
Acoustic Consu.: Hann Tucker

TVS Group was tasked with the isolation of a residential property in St. John’s Wood as part of a redevelopment and basement extension. With the property in close proximity to the Jubilee line and the Metropolitan line passing only 5m away from the new basement extension, radiated noise and vibration was a serious concern for the client.

An isolation layer utilising varying stiffnesses of Sylomer materials spanned the underside of the basement slab, continued up between the contiguous piled wall and the lining wall, and then across the top of the capping beam and to the side of the ground floor slab.

Close work with the design team throughout the planning and specification process, provided a solution that integrated seamlessly with the structure and waterproofing detail.


Sylomer Range of High Performance
PUR Elastomer

Special Features

• Vibration Source < 5m away from property
• 13Hz natural frequency solution
• Maintenance free
• Design life greater than that of the building
• Low profile bearing solution with minimal static subsidence
• Minimal influence of creep

Completed: 2017