TVS Absorb Baffles

tvs acoustic absorb baffles

TVS ABSorb Baffles

3 Hardman Street, Manchester

Project Objective

TVS Group was approached by Flexible Business Interiors & Komfort Partitioning to reduce noise levels in certain areas of the new offices created for Protector Insurance. Working with both parties, we proposed and supplied 125 no. TVS ABSorb Baffles wrapped in striking lobster-coloured Camira Lucia fabric.
The client is delighted with the level of noise reduction achieved and the way the baffles integrate with the existing office colour scheme.


TVS ABSorb Baffle
Dims: 1200 x 200 x 50mm
Fabric wrapped with Camira Lucia Lobster

Special Features

• Class A Absorber
• Fabric Wrapped Baffles.
• Designed to Match Customers Colour
• Scheme
• Quick Turnaround
• Cost-Effective
• Designed to Match Customers Colour
• Suspended Vertically

tvs absorb baffles
tvs absorb baffles