Medical Technology Acoustics

Vibrations in hospitals are currently a sensitive issue. However, a large number of sources of vibrations at various frequencies are present in these environments. These vibrations can be transmitted to other devices or have severe adverse effects on medical treatments and patients. Effective vibration insulation is therefore essential. TVS provides the bery best products within medical technology acoustics.


The high static loading capacity and exceptional load distributing properties of Getzner materials make them the perfect vibration protection solution for the most stringent requirements. Sylomer® has proven its vibration protection worth through years of use. Numerous measurements stand testament to the outstanding efficiency of this bearing. Solutions from Getzner therefore make a valuable contribution to health and a patient-friendly environment in medical facilities.

Application Examples

  • Elastic bearing of highly sensitive medical equipment (e.g. operating microscopes, X-ray machines)
  • MRI scanners
  • Elastic bearing of air-handling units, etc.
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