Ship and Yacht Building Acoustics

Ship and Yacht Building Acoustics - Vibration protection solutions from TVS have been increasing comfort levels on board ships and yachts. They provide effective protection against unwanted vibrations and noise by reducing structure-borne noise and secondary airborne noise from air-handling units, on-board engines, generators and pumps.

The design, high quality interior fittings and other innovations only fully come into their own with vibration protection. This enables ship designers, naval architects and shipyards to meet the most demanding levels of comfort, such as for cruise ships and luxury yachts.

Shipyards around the world benefit from the extraordinarily high degree of efficiency of the Sylomer® and Sylodyn® materials. Material properties such as the static and dynamic creep behaviour and the low compression set are exactly what is required in the construction of ships and yachts. The consistent material properties ensure a minimum noise level over the entire service life of the ship or yacht.

Application Examples

  • Bearings for engines, pumps and drive systems
  • Mounting of floor and wall structures


  • Fewer vibrations create a significantly more comfortable environment
  • Lower, stable noise level in the long term
  • Protects all interior fittings
  • Oil and salt water-resistant bearings
  • Materials are available worldwide
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