TVS ABSorb Shape is as much an acoustic product as it is a decorative statement to bring design and personality into any room. It’s assortment of colours and unique designs make it truly versatile with endless possibilities to add texture and character where needed. Say good bye to monotonous and transform your space with TVS ABSorb Shape.

The panels enhance any area visually and create an acoustically correct environment. The stylish and unique designs give an edge to any room and provide excellent acoustics where aesthetics are also an important factor.

What is TVS ABSorb Shape?

TVS ABSorb Shape acoustic panels help to reduce echo and reverberation as well as create a unique aesthetic feature to any wall. Various shapes and colours allow the interior designer to create endless themes to create various configurations with a modern and contemporary appearance.

TVS ABSorb Shape acoustic panels offer unique and limitless design opportunities to any area. The panels are manufactured with rounded edges to give it a contemporary visual effect. TVS ABSorb Shape acoustic panels are extensively used in offices, restaurants, schools, receptions areas, waiting rooms etc. The various shapes can be mixed to create a feature along with combining different colours. We have assembled a few themes from which you can choose from or you can select each shape to create your own design. The design can be as individual as your space.

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Specialist skills and industry-wide experience have made UK-based TVS Acoustics a leading player in two of the most demanding markets for acoustic flooring – cinema and bowling alley construction projects. Both require state-of-the-art solutions, which TVS Acoustics is well placed to provide thanks to nearly two decades of work across the entertainment sector and fields ranging from theatres and gyms to commercial and residential buildings.

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