TVS Partition Isolation Strips are designed to sit beneath all types of studwork and steel track partitions where flanking noise isolation is required. Available in various grades and thicknesses to ensure that the highest acoustic performance is always achieved.

Although from an acoustic perspective, constructing the walls off the floating slab would provide the best box-in-box solution, the additional complications that this would cause in terms of the design of the floated slab, the construction programme and the overall build-ability mean that the most common method of isolating the walls in a cinema is to build these off a resilient strip on the structural slab.

TVS Isolation Strips provide a low natural frequency solution that is easy to integrate in to the wall construction. Any fixings through this material should incorporate a resilient washer to prevent any short-circuiting of the isolation strip.

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Specialist skills and industry-wide experience have made UK-based TVS Acoustics a leading player in two of the most demanding markets for acoustic flooring – cinema and bowling alley construction projects. Both require state-of-the-art solutions, which TVS Acoustics is well placed to provide thanks to nearly two decades of work across the entertainment sector and fields ranging from theatres and gyms to commercial and residential buildings.

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