To ensure that the acoustic performance of the cinema screen is not compromised, it is essential to ensure that the raked seating is totally independent of the main structure, the floor slab and any adjacent screens.

TVS Steelwork Isolation Pads, manufactured from the high performance Sylomer and Sylodyn polyurethane materials, provide high levels of isolation either underneath column base-plates or at steel to steel connections. Each bespoke pad is sized and produced to match these connection details, whilst the grade of Sylomer or Sylodyn will be selected in accordance with the loading information provided for each connection. 

This ensures that the acoustic consultants natural frequency requirements can be met at each location under all load cases.

TVS Resilient Washers ensure that the TVS Steel-work Isolation Pads are not ‘short-circuited’ by the bolts that connect the steel-work or anchor in to the slab.

For more technical information about cinema acoustics please download our brochure on this page.

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Specialist skills and industry-wide experience have made UK-based TVS Acoustics a leading player in two of the most demanding markets for acoustic flooring – cinema and bowling alley construction projects. Both require state-of-the-art solutions, which TVS Acoustics is well placed to provide thanks to nearly two decades of work across the entertainment sector and fields ranging from theatres and gyms to commercial and residential buildings.

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