What Are Acoustic Wall Panels, And Where Do We Use Them?

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Acoustic wall panels are installed inside rooms to improve sound quality by absorbing problem frequencies. They significantly increase the sound absorption in a room, controlling the reverberant field and polishing sounds.

Not all acoustic panels are the same – some acoustic panels target certain frequencies, letting us fine-tune a room’s sound profile.

For example, recording studios have acoustic panels that remove sound clutter, reducing certain frequencies like feedback. Theatres and concert halls use convex reflectors at various heights to diffuse sound.

What are acoustic wall panels made from?

Acoustic panels are made with a foam or fibreglass core sandwiched between sheets of timber (MDF), plastic, or aluminium. The outer material can be smooth, textured, and have ridges set at various angles to diffuse sounds. Some acoustic panels also have an outer fabric finish, which only sprues up their appearance.

How effective are acoustic wall panels?

Acoustic wall panels are rated to absorb 90-100% of the sound energy that hits them, so they significantly improve the acoustic qualities of any space. However, you need to size and specify the panels correctly to achieve good results; too much sound-absorbing surface area can make a space too quiet and dampen audio quality.

Where are acoustic wall panels used?

Acoustic wall panels are used in various applications, including recording studios, concert halls, school halls, train stations, restaurants and offices.

Any loud space that struggles to manage various frequencies is a candidate for acoustic wall panels. The noise level can be reduced while improving the legibility of certain frequencies. For instance, acoustic wall panels in train stations can significantly reduce noise from foot traffic, helping people hear each other.

What are the best acoustic wall panels?

We offer several acoustic wall panels that offer great results:

  • TVS ABSorb Panels: Class A acoustic absorption rating with 50mm or 40mm panels. Glass fibre core.
  • TVS ABSorb Shape: Class A sound absorption with decorative panels in various shapes. Ideal for school halls and creative spaces.
  • TVS ABSorb Photo: Class A sound absorption in 40mm thickness. Upholstered printed finish to bring the panels to life.
  • TVS ABSorb Sport: Class A sound absorption panels with impact resistance to DIN 18032-3. Ideal for sports halls and gyms.

We can recommend the right acoustic wall panels for your building – get in touch for a chat and no-obligation advice, and we’ll be happy to help.