What Is An Acoustic Ceiling Raft, And Where Do We Use It?

TVS Acoustics ABSorb Rafts

Acoustic ceiling rafts are acoustic panels suspended horizontally rather than vertically (as with baffles) to absorb sounds in rooms with low ceilings.

We use them on low ceilings because they take up little vertical space, blending in with the ceiling when specified in the same colour.

There are few applications acoustic ceiling rafts aren’t suitable for. We usually specify acoustic ceiling rafts for offices, apartments, hotel lobbies, cinemas, schools, hospitals, restaurants, retail, and leisure centres.

Why choose rafts?

If you have a low roof, acoustic ceiling rafts are a better option than baffles, taking up less vertical and visual space.

With high ceilings, you can use one or the other, but your decision will come down to the nature of the sounds you wish to control.

Vertical baffles diffuse horizontal sounds, while horizontal baffles diffuse vertical sounds, targeting different sources. In noisy environments where sounds come from all directions, you should use both for the best results (more on this below).

Rafts + baffles for high ceilings

While baffles are only suited to high ceilings (because they are suspended vertically), acoustic ceiling rafts are suitable for all ceilings. They can be used alongside baffles on high ceilings to control sound in all directions.

For example, we might specify rafts and baffles to eliminate reflections in all directions; vertical sound waves might miss the baffles and bounce off the ceiling, but rafts will stop this, improving the space’s acoustics.

Strategic placement of both rafts and baffles minimises vertical and horizontal reflections, making spaces quieter and more relaxing.

TVS ABSorb Raft

The TVS ABSorb Raft is a best-in-class acoustic ceiling raft measuring 40mm to 50mm thick, offering Class A performance in sound absorption. The panels weigh only 3kg, suited to all ceiling types from plasterboard to exposed rafters.

We offer a choice of eighty colours and various shapes, including circular, square, rectangular and custom shapes. They are easy to install, suspended from steel cables, and we supply a fixing kit so you can do it yourself.

The panels can be set at any height, and you can angle them if you have a pitched roof. The hanging kit includes everything you need.

We can recommend an acoustic ceiling setup based on your needs. Feel free to contact us for advice about your acoustic requirements, and we’ll be glad to help.